it’s usually trOuble

Posted in machadO on August 11th, 2014 by The Wayward O

Hate to see Manny going down with another knee injury.

Image via MASN

That didn’t look good. Hopefully just a pull or twist. But it didn’t look good. If you can’t stand back up, even gingerly, it’s usually trouble.*

* Right knee sprain? Well that’s vaguely not the worst news possible!

a banner and sOme clamps

Posted in machadO on July 20th, 2014 by The Wayward O

There really is a lot to be said about current series in Oakland.

– Team playing low-profile despite three plunkings in Game One. Low is the way, fellas!
– Overall clear desire from both teams to have the Manny Machado-weirdness translate back to baseball (very, very happy about this)
– Lovely stories of Oakland’s great days of yore in Game One from Dave Parker and Dave Stewart
– Team’s impressive ability to shake off tough loss and come out swinging in Game Two
– Return of Jose Canseco to Athletics’ ballpark, in which he admits he was “an emotional wreck” for several days prior. Without comment on his ‘roiding past, Blog found it to be a touching episode

But, if you want a single takeaway from Blog, it’s got to be the clamps.

Image via Comcast Sportsnet

Blog knows many hold Oakland’s ballpark, with its balky plumbing and unbearable piped-in loudspeaker noise, with naked contempt. And that’s understandable. But clamps? CLAMPS? A plastic banner and some clamps?

They can’t go to the store and get some stickies from 3M that would hold the cheap green and black sheets in the “broadcast booth” — Blog uses that particular term loosely — without it being a clamp? I mean really. Clamps.

heartbreaking spOrt. heartbreaking day

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That is all.

Image via MASN

Feel better Manny.

they are gOne and eddie remains

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This is crazy times for Team of Blog! Man-child hath awaked and appears to have complete set of natural baseball bona-fides bestowed by Tide of Eons upon The Chosen Few.

Image via Roch’s Blog

Meanwhile, Mr. Eddie Clarence Murray — without whom Cal Ripken Jr. would basically have been another Don Mattingly — is getting statuefied at Stadium of Team in ceremony that will surely bring Tear to Eye of Blog of Team and many who knew baseball As It Was during Those Times.

Image via some Web page

Mr. Eddie prevailed over the dirt-digging, race-baiting New York muckrakers who tried to paint him and his family a grifter and destroyed his ability to trust reporters. They are gone and Eddie remains. Proud. Brilliant. Triumphant. Enough said.


Image via

Makes sense he’s batting lefty since we all remember him batting from left side in our minds’ eyes. Nice job on hair, too, not to mention signature double hatbrim.