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mark teixeira hasn’t signed anywhere yet. he’s busy soaking teams for a couple extra million despite fact that orioles have offered him:

chance to be star in his home town
more money than he’ll ever be able to spend

but — you know — like they say on camdenchat — IT’S NOT HIS FAULT! just like it wasn’t the traitor’s fault for, you know, taking that extra couple million to play for the enemy!

after all, if one restaurant owner offers you cheesecake after dinner but another offers you CHEESECAKE, CREME BRULEE, ICE CREAM and BAKED ALASKA ….. OF COURSE YOU WILL EAT THEM ALL. it makes perfect sense!

if peter angelos doesn’t want to pay a patently ridiculous sum, maybe someone else will. and it’s all HIS FAULT.

how can you blame mark for not taking 7 yrs/$140 million to play for his favorite team? that would be crazy … he is blameless wayward O is sure.

the time is nOw

Posted in mark teixeira on May 30th, 2007 by The Wayward O

wayward oriole is monitoring the trade winds and there’s a foul one coming out of texas. by that wayward O means rangers stink on ice. texas is more of a hockey state anyway; baseball and football aren’t really big down there. anyway, as Os are on nice stretch here, beating up royales and whatever, creeping back near .500 there is an URGENT MATTER they must attend to.

they have to make a deal for mark teixeira now, this week, today, tomorrow, yesterday!

this dood proposes three teixeira trades, each involving a young pitcher and two young outfielders or an OF and a first baseman. Orioles can do something like that: off top of wayward O’s head how about hayden penn, john knott and brandon fahey or — how bout kevin millar (does he have a no-trade?). or, since Os are heavy on pitching talent, how about penn, jeremy guthrie and millar or knott? you clearly have to entice rangers with talent to make this happen. wayward O is probably being silly trying to include millar in this trade but it’s clear Os will have to clear out millar or gibbons in order to make it work on the bench. rangers don’t want an old guy but millar could at least play first for texas down the string.

[a millar throw-in in a teixeira trade would leave aubrey huff as a left-handed hitting infield option or DH option and jay gibbons riding mo’ pine than a yellow-capped pinerider.]

bottom line though is the time is NOW for orioles front office to be getting this one done. no need to wait. fly to texas with a case of beer and some crabcakes and ply them however you can! after next season the yankees will throw so much money at teixeira it will make your head spin because they are going to need a first baseman. Os need to get him “home,” then offer him a contract extension everyone can be comfortable with, say in the $13 million / year range.

on the trade front Orioles outgun yankees. especially this year with so many yankee prospects already flaming out in the big leagues. on the cash front, wayward O just saw peter angelos arguing with a traffic cop because he lost a dime in the parking meter. the man has more money that steinbrenner probably but he never got used to the idea he was rich… or something. so on the cash front, Os lose again to yankees.

teixeira hitting fourth is the absolute perfect solution for orioles who are one bopper away from octOber. if wayward O was flanagan or duquette he would have trouble sleeping knowing this crucial piece of business was out in the wind.