pOtential meat fight brewing!

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Pitchers, please go to spring training facility in Sarasota, Fla. Also catchers. WE HAVE TO SEE WHO IS ON ORIOLES! People have been waiting for Wayward O to break this all down so here goes:


Roch put it thusly:

I feel sorry for him if one ground ball scoots past him or one throw from across the infield eludes his glove.

BLOG IS PREPARED TO GIVE HIM LEEWAY provided no easy pop-ups get Garrett Atkins’d in Florida breezy sunshine.

Also too there is major potential meat fight brewing after Philly-based sausage outfit staged coup in M&T Bank Stadium a few years back and Ravens won Superbowl. WATCH YOUR BACK ESSKAY.

Just sayin’


Yeah it’s a tie for now but only because of Fred’s endorsement behind scenes. These Philly meat people are ruthless. THEY HAVE NO RUTHS WHATSOEVER! Eight days until Grapefruit League opener, but who’s counting?!

O fights!, part 4

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Oh my arm, it’s broken!

O fights!, part 3

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Bell image via Sun
Bear, dino images via, uh, the Internet or something

O fights!, part 2

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oh this one’s a doozy folks!

Two of Wayward O’s super-top Favorites!

All Memlo must do is FIND JOB and TIDE May TURN in Favor of VENEZUELAN!!!

O fights!, part 1

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Welcome to NEW FEATURE from blog! Oh sure you can spend your winters LIMNING ASYMPTOTIC THIRD BASEMAN DEPTH CHART or YELLING ABOUT BRUCE CHEN and this is good and noble.

But Wayward O is not what you’d call a STATS GUY. For example, he thinks BATTING AVERAGE is good stat for hitters and WINS and LOSSES is good stat for pitchers.


Anyways here is new feature which pits player on Team versus LIKELY COMER in KEY AREAS.

Without further ado … welcome of O Fights! Part One …. let’s get ready to rummmmble!

Images from Brandon Billings and Baltimore Sun

There you have it folks. Coming up NEXT on O Fights! Part 2 …. MEMLO v. HUGO CHAVEZ!

Please enjoy rest of weekend and try not to get antsy as offseason trickle volumizes into full-blown roar….

PS. You want to talk Lobsterbacks? You want to talk MUST WIN? Here’s MUST WIN!