it’s nOt mystic. it’s a certainty

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What’s All the Cub-bub About: Cubs are dead. In ground already. Pile on the dirt
Blog of Quatnumz: Hmmmm. Let Blog say like this: Blog saw where Arrieta got tired of shitting on old Team. And commenced shitting on new team. Bad juju. Got to play da gamez tho
What’s All the Cub-bub About: Bumgarner lurking for Game 3
Blog of Quatnumz: Don’t look at me m*therf*cker!
What’s All the Cub-bub About: He’s a crazy man
Blog of Quatnumz: Blows a lot of snot blasts out of nostrils. Re: Wild Card games, for all the talk about managing, it was 3-run dongs that told tale. “Earl Weaver Specials” as some folks call ’em
What’s All the Cub-bub About: Timely dong shots
What’s All the Cub-bub About: Cubs aren’t cursed by mystical forces, but they are subject to certain laws. Laws like gravity. And one of the laws is that they cannot win the World Series
Blog of Quatnumz: Cubtrino particles flowing from the Sun (Times). It’s physics is what it is
What’s All the Cub-bub About: Precisely. They are not cursed any more than a ball rolling toward the edge of a table. It’s not mystic. It’s a certainty
Blog of Quatnumz: Well just pretend it’s baseball games. Baseball is fun. Enjoy the ride

what we have here nOw is a chance

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We worried for so many reasons

– we worried about a division that turned out to be a paper tiger
– we worried about injuries to key players
– we worried about too much down time
– and we worried about the prospect of facing a team like the Tigers

Now there are fewer things to worry about. But, on a shorter list, the bigger items are becoming more difficult to ignore.

Now we worry about expectations, which are the greatest mountain men ever climbed.

Because what we have here, now, is a chance to finally walk out of the wilderness after 31 years lost among the trees.

what team hath wrOught

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If Team wins World Series, Blog will re-dedicate itself to actual wayward orioles as opposed to figuratively Wayward Orioles.

Image via MASN

The bunting is up. Captain Nicky will actually be playing in the post-season (C.C. Sabathia broke his wrist in 2012) and this vintage has pitching and a lot of heart.

They say the O’s haven’t clinched at home since 1969. So this really is a special night.

Congrats to the Washington Nationals, too.

tell yOu what

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Are the Orioles more talented? Do they play harder? Do they have the right mix? Does the manager just know how to bring out the best in people? The answers are not really clear.

But Team is destroying the AL East this year.

Image via Daily News

Are we worried about Chris Davis? Are we worried about Matt Wieters? Are we worried about Manny Mach? How about JJ Hardy and his gimpy back?

Are we too shell-shocked from three decades of failure to realize what a talented pitching corps we’re blessed with?

Tell you what, fans of Team: It’s too late to worry. We’re before the fickle Gods of October now and only they shall dictate our fate.

thanks fOr everything

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Heart of Oriole order, in five games vs. Yankees:

J.J. Hardy
3 for 22

Adam Jones
2 for 23

Chris Davis
3 for 20

Matt Wieters
3 for 20

Mark Reynolds, the standout, at
3 for 19

So reports you may have read about Team not being able to get key hit are accurate.

Nevertheless, they were one bloop, one well-aimed grounder, one swinging bunt or one similar such outcome away from ALCS last night versus Mercenary Former All-Stars in Bronx.

So Congratulations to you, 2012 Baltimore Orioles. And thanks for everything.

time tO run rampant

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Jones. Reynolds. Wieters. Thome. Davis.


Time to run rampant on a Sasquatch.

Let’s go to Detroit!

Nuff said.