they’re hOrrid

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‘Our pitching is fine’

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Just before 10 p.m. last night, with Team leading Red Sox 6-1 and a shaky Michael Gonzalez having taken over for Chris Tillman, Gonzalez struck out Jason Varitek in a key spot with runners on first and third with a breaking ball on outside black…

Strike three, you’re out, brought to you by NESN

As Varitek slunk back to dugout pondering what he would do in life after baseball, a potential Red Sox rally was quelled and Team went on to win.

Except for one small problem. Home plate umpire Adrian Johnson joined parade of horseshit arbiters who refuse to punch out a Red Sox in key spots in games with Orioles.

So, is Blog defending Gonzalez? A little yeah. He was terrible, OK. But anyone watching could see how that was a crucial moment and how non-call got to him. Sure, you could go on about how Matt Wieters was set up inside but that’s just more horse-stuff. Varitek shoulda gotten his ticket punched. Very next pitch Varitek singles and — well we don’t need to rehash rest.

And there were other culprits on Orioles. Kevin Gregg was bad. Luke Scott and Mark Reynolds played poorly in field that bottom of sixth, aiding Boston in its comeback carousel.

And you have to wonder about mysterious back stiffness that sent starter Chris Tillman to showers after five innings in favor of Gonzalez. You also have to lament fact that Brian Matusz STILL is not with Team. Were he with Team you’d have Brad Bergesen there to come in for Tillman in long relief. Gonzalez really isn’t a long guy. Blog doesn’t know what guy he is, or if he has future, really — but he’s not a long guy.  Gonzalez should probably not have been in that spot.

Eh, it wasn’t pretty, but as my man Adam Jones told my man Pete Schmuck:

“We let that game get away from us. That’s the game of baseball. Let’s correct our mistakes and come out and swing the bats the way we did today. Our bullpen is fine. Our pitching is fine. They’ve been battling their butts off. Let’s just put them in the same position tomorrow.”

Nope, this isn’t same kind of panic-inducing loss we witnessed at Fenway Park in May of 2007. It just isn’t same animal. It didn’t feel great to let Red Sox move above .500 mark only to see Team denied .500 mark at same time, but a cold, wet 8-7 loss at Fenway is just something that’s in cards on occasion.

Especially when Blue’s heart bleeds Sawx Red.

Blog is more worried about Derrek Lee situation. Lee quietly has been a key member of Team and has had key hits and made big defensive plays. Blog wonders if he aggravated muscle on falling down throw behind first base early on.

Still, c’mon, MLB players can’t be taking weeks and months off for strained muscles. That’s just crazy. Nice to see Lee thinks he won’t be out that long but if Blog knows Team, Team will stretch it out as long as possible.

With Luke Scott’s throwing shoulder ailing, easy solution would be to stick Luke at first base. Blog hopes this doesn’t happen. He’d have to make throws at first anyway to play position well. Luke is just terrible at catching those iffy throws to first.

Haven’t we all seen enough of that? Please, Derrek, feel better quickly. And please, Team, stop coddling injured players.

at least luke dOesn’t beat up kids

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Sox-ual Healing: Whatchu think? Division crown wrapped by up Aug. 1?
Bolg of Meat: [Blog would] say Os won’t clinch till about Sept. 20
   Assuming they get a 1b
Sox-ual Healing: Funny
Bolg of Meat: Do you have cough drops?
Sox-ual Healing: I don’t.  Sorry
  I know a store up on 86th and Columbus that has ’em though
Bolg of Meat: see 2008 Tigers & 2010 Mariners
  Just saying. Loaded for bear and underperformed
  Thanks for cough drop tip. Can [Blog] take subway there?
Sox-ual Healing: You can
Bolg of Meat: Does EEI have streaming audio?
  [Blog listens] to DC/Balt. yack all day
  Too much football talk about Haynesworth & Ray Lewis
Sox-ual Healing: Yeah EEI is perfect online
  But honestly, I think they’re a bunch of arrogant SUV-driving, ultra-macho-to-compensate-for-small-[wieners]-and-childhood-sexual-abuse a$$h*les
  And I don’t like listening to them. I much prefer 98.5 The Score
Bolg of Meat: You’re man of people!
Sox-ual Healing: They’re the type of people that go to church but don’t really believe in God, and [redact, redact, redact] UGH. hate them
Bolg of Meat: Wow
  You are clued into their mental states!
Sox-ual Healing: I am.  In a lot of ways Boston is a really ignorant, small-minded town
 Bolg of Meat: Yeah
Sox-ual Healing: I feel at home with the liberal intellectual elite, but the commoners annoy me (jokes, but also not really)
Bolg of Meat: Very provincial, as [Blog’s] Grandma used to say
Sox-ual Healing: I think the FAN is really good for sports talk. Why? Because they stay focused on sports. They don’t have any inside jokes, they’re not a boys’ club
  EEI is just a glorified frat house
 Bolg of Meat: WFAN?
Sox-ual Healing: Yeah
Bolg of Meat: [Blog hasn’t] tuned in since [Blog] sold car (except for Mets game broadcasts while sitting on Rockaway Beach)
  But before 1050 came on scene, FAN was worst joke
  Mike and Mad Dog going on 45-minute rants about horse racing … radios switching off everywhere
  Might be better now
Sox-ual Healing: I wasn’t around then, but Mike and the Mad Dog broke up, so now you just have Francessa for 5 straight hours, followed by Steve Somers at night
Bolg of Meat: [Blog doesn’t] mind Schmooze in small doses. He talks Mets good
  But Francessa? Fuggettaboutit
Yanks offer Cliff Lee 7 years / $160 million
Hard to focus on work right now
Sox-ual Healing: Yup
Bolg of Meat: At least partially because EEI is blasting in [Blog’s] headphones
Sox-ual Healing: You tuned in, eh?
Well you’re lucky; Dale and Holley is on til 2 p.m., they’re not so bad. But The Big Show With The Big O starts at 2, and I think you’ll hate it. They just yell and talk over each other the whole time and do a lot of sound bytes, and laugh at jokes you don’t get unless you listen every single day
Sox-ual Healing: [Fred Smerlas’ Thugs Slug Teens for $$$]
Bolg of Meat: LoL
  Wow. That story
Sox-ual Healing: I know
Bolg of Meat: Say what you want about Luke Scott, he doesn’t beat up kids