happy hallOween

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Looks like good ol’ Sammy Perlozzo found costume!

Image via FOX



If Wayward O had his druthers, which he does not … have … he’d go as this guy:

Image via MASN

Or maybe a Memlo Hobo.

time heals all wOunds

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some clutch hits.

some clanky mitts.

some orioles MAGIC from YOUNG HOUDINI sometimes known as JIM JOHNSON!



what a difference a year makes!

note to jim palmer: those fans were saying “luuuuuke.” um. after luuuuke’s home run. no sabe? palmer groused on MASN “you’ve got a lot of red sox fans booing” as scott circled bases last night.

abOut last night…

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Wayward O was surprised the papes didn’t mention last night was Orioles first return to Fenway since MOTHER’s DAY MIRACLE MASSACRE. Apparently team forgot too. After loss to Yankees, Orioles went up to Boston and handed out some more pain to division leaders.

Game was Os at their best; from opening pitch home run off bat of the Diminutive Dazzler to Jamie “Grizzly Juice” Walker’s save it was a tense affair but Baltimores weren’t fazed, crazed or dazed. Wayward O was so excited about win he um took a spin around Internets and found a few photos from Associated Press to display here. Wayward O loves Associated Press! He feels guilt about displaying these picture but excited dwarfs shame right now!!

TrembO is dead ringer for Shatner

Bedard was all sick but still nasty

Corey is vacuum cleaner in CF

Manny is goofball!

There were so many more tidbits from last night to savor. How about the Young Savior going two rows deep in stands near Pesky Pole and stealing foul ball from like eight Red Sox fans? How about effective performances from Rob Bell and Chad Bradford?

How about Danys Baez not being in ballpark at all? Coincidence? Wayward O asks you…

sunday mOurnin’ comin’ down

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I tuned in Sunday afternoon,
With no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt.
The Mother’s Day Massacre was oh-so Bad,
And the DC debacle had been, even worse.
Then I fumbled through my closet for my Os hat,
And donned my cleanest dirty shirt.

An’ I shaved my face and combed my hair,
An’ turned on MLB.tv, to see the game.
I’d seen it happen twice before,
Late-inning disasters and poor relief pitchin’
But I figure how could it happen again?
Surely butts in Anaheim would get a kickin’

Then we crossed into the late innings
and Wayward O caught the sight of someone going to the bullpen.
And it took me back to somethin’,
That I’d seen twice before, somewhere along the way.
On the Sunday evening gamecast,
Wishing, Lord, that I was stoned.
‘Cos there’s something in a Sunday,
Makes an Os fan feel alone.
And there’s nothin’ short of dyin’,
Half as lonesome as the sound,
On the sunny green baseball diamond:
Sunday mournin’ comin’ down.
In the park I saw Vladdy,
With a laughin’ little grin and a bat that he was swingin’.
And I held my breath to watch the ninth,
And pray Orioles could escape the innin;
Then I watched the slugger heading home
And somewhere far away a lonely bell was ringin’.
And it echoed through the ballpark,
Like the disappearing dreams of Jeremy Guthrie
(sing it with the Wayward O…)
On the Sunday evening gamecast,
Wishing, Lord, that I was stoned.
‘Cos there’s something in a Sunday,
Makes an Os fan feel alone.
And there’s nothin’ short of dyin’,
Half as lonesome as the sound,
On the sunny green baseball diamond:
Sunday mournin’ comin’ down.

with apOlogies to johnny cash and kris kristofferson…

the massacre, part fOur

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wayward O wishes to move on from mother’s day massacre, but he cannot for two main reasons:

· reason one: Os haven’t won since (this doesn’t need much discussion)
· reason two: people are *still* talking about it

wayward O is watching the NESN today as tigers visit host red sox. and the announcers are going on and on about it except they call it ….


wayward o has trouble digesting such mendaciOusness. everybody knows the almighty great baseball spirit was far from the ballpark that day!

nevertheless, red sox sideline babe — who is not as hOt as amber (!!!) — reports there were two nuns next to dugout last sunday and they blessed manager terry francona’s boys and that’s how come red sox got 6 runZ in bottom of ninth to drive demonface orioles into weeklong spiral.

if this is true, then what does that make perlozzo? calling all bible scholarz!!!!

even sawx fans got to shOut

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wayward O asks: is it okay for root for sammy now that the diaspOra has called for his ouster? let wayward O know in comments area! it is a moral quandary of the highest order. wayward O says he will root for team to get it together and go on a tear over next month. wayward O also says if Orioles aren’t above .500 on 26 june you will see shake-up.

more importantly, wayward O knows a fella who is a rare breed: a thinking man’s red sox fan. we had following chat after mother’s day massacre and a good deal can be inferred herefrom.

Ted Williamsburg: You wanna talk about it?
The Wayward O: hehe.
The Wayward O: i had a feeeeling i might hear from you today.
Ted Williamsburg: I was relieved when neither the Times or NY1 had a story about a white, mid-30s jumper on the Brooklyn Bridge
The Wayward O: tell me this, honestly…. when i pinged you [Sunday] … i never claimed victory right? i just basically said Guthrie was having a great game and i was enjoying it
Ted Williamsburg: That’s true, in discussing it with GF and one other person I noted that you weren’t jinxing yourself or your nine
The Wayward O: excellent. i’m glad to hear that.
Ted Williamsburg: If you had, you’d a heard from me a lot sooner
The Wayward O: i think — aside from the ortiz and varitek hits — the sawx were bystanders, witnesses to a self-inflicted calamity.
Ted Williamsburg: Oh, totally
Ted Williamsburg: That said, Yukes was safe
The Wayward O: i didn’t go back and really eyeball the force at home.
The Wayward O: but it’s the kind of thing that can propel a team like the sox and give ’em a sense of destiny
Ted Williamsburg: Absolutely
Ted Williamsburg: I said to a Yankee fan that if the Sox hold onto the division, that will be looked upon as the day they took control
Ted Williamsburg: Especially with NY wasting a nice effort by Andy while getting cuffed by a no-name
The Wayward O: true that. the only bright spot is Os are about to hit the easiest portion of their sked.
The Wayward O: if we’re not at .500 or above it on june 26, then heads will roll.
Ted Williamsburg: Sox next 22 games are against teams with a win percentage of .560
The Wayward O: yeah.
Ted Williamsburg: They Yanks are against teams .590
The Wayward O: Os had a tough sked in april. now they get the NL West and the Nats.
Ted Williamsburg: Nats can do wonders for a team
The Wayward O: so — if perlozzo hasn’t lost the clubhouse maybe they shake off the Mother’s Day Massacre and keep playing hard.
Ted Williamsburg: Pulling your pitcher because your catcher dropped a pop out is f*cking retarded, I can’t imagine him hanging too much longer
The Wayward O: you should see the balto blogs. to a man they’re calling for his head.
The Wayward O: folks are comparing to the maier game in terms of level of agony.
Ted Williamsburg: How do you not?
Ted Williamsburg: Higher stakes in the Maier game, but SUnday was totally self-inflicted
The Wayward O: right …. and as i said on the camden chat blog (prior to collapse) “This is as big as it gets in May”
Ted Williamsburg: big = bad