¡viva las vegOs!

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Blog of Team IN FAVOR of Vegas move!

Orioles live in west as well as East! Park of Blog of Team at Camden Yards will have suitor in no time and Angelos dolts can play penny slots in Nevada to further poverty complexes!

Maryland can lure TEAM OF JETER or TEAM OF TAMPA to Baltimore. Put crab on hat and call them Baltimore Claws / Baltimore Blue Claws / Baltimore Blues or SOME VARIATION THEREOF and win World Series!

Also Blog of Team couldn’t help but notice that even though Radio Station of Team pulled down Vegas report, nobody actually came out and said it’s not true!

This blog here can only bring itself to say that “there doesn’t seem to be anything out there to corroborate any of it.” Except, Blog of Team wonders, why would local lawyer just invent something of that caliber. Likely there is at least a little flame at the heart of the Boogsmoke!

Also who are dolts saying Blog of Team defunct?!? Blog of Team saw little to say after destruction at hands of Kansas City. Dolt bloggers writing about WAR and park-adjusted horse poop lol. Stultuss maximums, dolts.

Bolg of Team may as well give assessment of current roster while pudating fandom on Team of Blog’s coming move to Vegas: Nice bunch of young men. If rebuild goes well couple two three of these guys will be part of resurgence!

gOnna be messy at third

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Blog would like to apologize to Fans of Blog (Fan of Blog?) for posting hiatus, but things have gotten busy, as they always seem to do this time of year. June weekends fill up faster than an old lady at an all you can eat Stuckey’s breakfast buffet.

Some thoughts that seem relevant as 2012 season slowly takes on its personality:

– Team’s winning record does appear to have occurred despite presence of certain glaringly deficient comparative stats, a situation which normally wouldn’t bode well over full season (25th in MLB in OBP, one notch, incidentally, below Washington Nationals; 25th in walks and 18th in hits). But bullpen heroics, despite a few burps, have gone on apace and appear to be real

– Recent losing jag, in which Team underperformed badly against Kansas City among others, was an illustration of above. Team arguably has righted ship despite bleeding away an early, early division lead. Whether leaks have been stoppered among waves is another matter

– Translation: Buck already pretty much locked for AL M.o.Y.

– Take a few injured guys off sidelines (Brian Roberts, Zach Britton, Nolan Reimold) and assume a mildly optimistic amount of production and Team gets deeper, better, more competitive very quickly. This is especially true for Reimold

– Roberts! Blog believes strongly that B-Rob should be plugged in at DH between at least now and All Star Break. Get him 50 at-bats at DH, maybe three or four starts at second base, before even contemplating messing with Robert Andino’s role. Doing it this way, in Blog’s opinion, potentially solves more problems that it potentially creates: It protects B-Rob, spells Andino – who has been slumping – and does NOT throw major psychological wrench into how Team functions. Those of you who only see numbers, and who don’t believe in Team psyche, should probably go work for IBM and stop writing about baseball because it’s real and it matters. Sticking Andino at third — or worse in outfield — now in a bow to Roberts would just further complicate an already messy third base situation. It’s going to be messy at third this year no matter what they do (barring a trade or the like for real third baseman). That shouldn’t be Andino’s job and while we all love B-Rob and know what he’s capable of, nobody’s really seen it yet and there’s certainly no guarantee it can last

– First person Blog knows of to correctly report B-Rob’s imminent return to game was Yankees color man Ken Singleton, who mentioned it in an off-hand remark during a YES broadcast about one week before rest of world had story

– Speaking of Yankees, they are playing lucky and can’t seem to lose despite some huge holes in roster. Derek Jeter’s torrent of magical nubby banjo hits goes on and Mark Teixeira is hitting again. Kind of glad they’re playing somebody else for now, who ever that might be. Mets lost a hideous little soul-crusher to said Yankees, for example, yesterday

– Blog’s current understanding of Red Sox, reading news accounts, is that they dislike it when they lose ballgames and they dislike it when umpiring calls go against them. And, yet, they continue to lose ballgames anyway

– Blog has been having some fascinating conversations with people inside Team organization lately. There are some great people working for Orioles and, without perhaps saying anything you didn’t already know, they are just as proud of this vintage and as hungry for a winner any rabid fan

– Blog was in Maine over weekend. It’s nice up there. Ordered a chicken salad sandwich Sunday for road trip home and asked counter lady whether lettuce was “whole leaf or shredded.” Lady replied that “the lettuce is whole leaf, but then we shred it.” Blog was relieved to hear this because Blog does NOT like lettuce that come shredded right out of ground

sO many questions

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wayward O went to Outers Bankses for vacations. there were many waves, grilled meats and pretty girls in bikinis. Os did not technically lose single game while wayward O took summer hiatus from grind of life! sure they losed silly ‘suspended game’ but loss counts for june 28. and they had decency to wait until wayward O was back in big apple to lose yesterday.

if you are Orioles fan and don’t like to miss ballgames, and still wish to avoid family strife, outer banks is place for you. Outer Bankses has MASN baseball network on cable television! if there is day game you can say “my tummer hurts” and run back to beach house to sneak in innings while children frolic in surf. not that wayward O has childrens he knows of.

anyway, time on beach looking at stars and god’s creations brings so many questions about Orioles to wayward O’s mind, such as:

question One: what if entire yankee team were swapped for entire Orioles team?

this is a hypothetical question but friend of wayward O insisted wayward O give answer. wayward O would have slighly MORE TROUBLE rooting for damon, the traitor, clemens, etc. than he would rooting for current orioles squad wearing pinstripes. but wayward O could not stomach yelling “lets go yankees!” so if such an unlikely scenario came to pass wayward O would probably just root for NEW YORK METS. wayward O follows mets pretty close-like here in NYC and they have nice team with all prerequsites wayward O requires: good manager, good free agent signings and promising young players. simple, no?

question two: have orioles finally turned corner?

dare we hope that post all-star team is the team we can expect to see for next 18 months? they sure look like a good team. wayward O never found himself regretting john maine trade more than he did this past week, however. answer … could be maybe. hopefully.

question three: could wayward O be any more tired of cal ripken hype?


question four: is trembley da man?

two weeks ago, wayward O gave qualified ‘maybe’ as answer; now it feels more like qualified ‘yes.’