what team hath wrOught

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If Team wins World Series, Blog will re-dedicate itself to actual wayward orioles as opposed to figuratively Wayward Orioles.

Image via MASN

The bunting is up. Captain Nicky will actually be playing in the post-season (C.C. Sabathia broke his wrist in 2012) and this vintage has pitching and a lot of heart.

They say the O’s haven’t clinched at home since 1969. So this really is a special night.

Congrats to the Washington Nationals, too.

there is nO winning this debate

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Sometimes Blog of Team takes break from meat fights and Sidney Ponson .gifs for long enough to tackle things that approximate serious topics.

This winter we’re seeing more articles devoted to pressuring the Washington Redskins into changing their name. And we’re seeing the Redskins push back.

So, OK, the narrative still is clothed in the mantle of debate. There’s ostensibly still a debate. But here’s the point:

For the Redskins there is no winning this debate. Anyone with any sense can see the name “Redskins” is at least arguably racist. So the debate never goes away no matter how many court cases you win.

The world is moving on, moving away from racism. In doing so it’s also moving away from things that are “vaguely racist,” and “arguably racist” and “possibly racist.”

It really doesn’t matter any more that the Redskins’ ownership can obfuscate the matter, blunt the criticism or otherwise rationalize their failure to take action.

What matters now is the ability to see the larger point and take a step in the right direction by changing the team’s name.

The racism “debate” aside, here are two secondary points that bear mentioning:

  • If owner Dan Snyder thinks the pressure is on now — and judging by his spin campaign on Redskins.com, clearly he does — he likely also has guessed at the onslaught of opprobrium that is to come if the team makes another serious Super Bowl run under the Redskins name. If he has guessed at that, well, he’s right: It will get terribly ugly
  • Snyder’s argument that changing the name would be a bad business decision is flawed. The franchise’s financial viability has withstood two decades of almost unfathomable blundering by management and it remains a cash cow. A proper re-branding would likely have the opposite effect, advancing Snyder’s financial interests. (Washington Americans has a nice ring to it.) As others have pointed out: Now would be a great time for the move because the team is adopting a new roster that includes a superstar quarterback. The argument that longtime fans won’t like such a move (which is related to the business argument) also is flawed: I’ve been a fan since the 1970s and the older I get, the more the name bugs me

It’s funny how, sometimes, the easiest decisions are the most difficult to make.

welcOme back stras

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This …

Image via MASN

… is awesome.Welcome back, Stras.

an alright spOt

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Wayward O: Dude that was a long, hot, rainy, awesome Nats pwning
Bixler Nix: Glad to hear you stuck it out. How were the seats?
Wayward O: They were key. It was an easy shot up into that restaurant for da rain

Official game

Bixler Nix: Oh right. Nice
Wayward O: Had radar working
Bixler Nix: I was bummed they lost Saturday but glad they took the series. Great to send all those Phillies fans home pissed
Wayward O: Oh they’re such humorless a$$h0les
Bixler Nix: Seriously
Wayward O:  When Espinosa hit that 440-foot monster we had a perfect view. And we were going “Schwimmmmer” and making ‘Friends’ jokes. And the Philly fans were gettting mad

LoL look at Schwimer point up like that’s catchable!
Ha Ha Ha! Where’s Joey and Chandler?  Image via

Bixler Nix: Hahaha. Unbelievable
Wayward O: We didn’t push it too far though
Bixler Nix: Their team is in first place by a mile

Some guy in Phillies rotation

Wayward O: Yeah
Bixler Nix: And they get angry about one home run
Wayward O:  Was wearing my Markakis jersey and they were like “You’re an Os fan they SUCK.” Oh, thanks for the news, Walter Cronkite
Bixler Nix: Yeah, I was able to keep my cool. But those people drive me crazy
Wayward O: They detract from fun of it. No two ways about it
Bixler Nix: They act like they’re going to a football game. Tailgating all day long. Showing up trashed and picking fights
Wayward O: Loved park though. It was awesome

Local color

Bixler Nix: Yeah, it’s nice. Open. Good views
Wayward O: Will always grab those seats in the future … so many plusses. Have you been to Das Bullpen?

Das Ist aber Lustig, oder?

Bixler Nix: I have. You go?
Wayward O: Nope — not this time. Didn’t want to fly too close to the sun
Bixler Nix: Good call. It’s an alright spot