gOing inside nyjer’s mind

Posted in washingtOn on September 4th, 2010 by The Wayward O

When Nyjer Morgan “left” field other night after getting pummeled by Marlins, many couldn’t help but wonder whether divorce from reality had occurred…

Actual Nyjer

So anyway Blog of Team cracked open copy of Diagnostic Statistical Manual to see whether any potential disorders were at work. Blog of Team found a veritable wonderland of possibilies and narrowed it down to four theories:

Jesus Complex Nyjer

Cry for Help Nyjer

‘Troubled’ Nyjer

Superhero Nyjer

Your diagnosis is welcome!

lOl dc

Posted in washingtOn on August 18th, 2010 by The Wayward O

Stop lyin’, DISTRICK of COLOMBIA!!

You love Team!!!!

K. Millwood’s 13th Loss is fourth-most read???

Didn’t NATS PLAY???

Yes. Yes they did.

It’s right there in, uh, you know, teh Washington Post.

Policy. Politics. Elections. Orioles. Four most important topics in Washington.

please hire bObby v.!

Posted in cOaches, washingtOn on June 9th, 2010 by The Wayward O

There was tiniest glimmer of hope for despondent diaspora yesterday as Sun Paper reported Bobby Valentine is interested in “challenge” of managing Team.

Hopefully there’s something to it. Because another night like Tuesday will be hard to take. And another night like Tuesday is all Team has to give. (No this is not Bruce Springsteen song.)

Making matters more painful last night was how Team’s hideous inability to compete with Yankees was thrown into stark relief last night by this guy…

Image via MASN

Nats game was electric. New pitcher was fierce. They even got the W. And the Ws on their home whites looked especially fancy somehow last night.

Friends of Team: Our road is rocky. Our hearts are low. Our bats are inept. And … well hiring Top Step Bobby would be step in right direction. Trust Blog. He’s got Fire in Belly.

left On base

Posted in arOund the big leagues, washingtOn on May 22nd, 2010 by The Wayward O

DH! Get it???? DH?!?!?

Pensive hitters gets no hits
Image via MASN

OK Wayward O has heard MANY FAN COMPLAINTS about Robert Q. Dibble’s “analyses” and last night could kind of see why. Dibbs wants to have designated hitter in in NL, but just for Interleague Play.

Does he not see absurdity of position?

Blog is very nice happy time to see Mr. David Hernandez get win over cocky Nats pitcher who is unhittable except he gave up like 8 hits in first three innings last night.

Meanwhile winning pitcher DH left 7 men on in three ABs. That’s gotta be close to a … that’s gotta be some kind of … that’s definitely something.

How’s that slider Scott Olsen? Blog will tell you once baseball finally comes down.

Wayward O was amazed other night, after fan in Texas made nice catch in stands and Joe A. started talking about Rex Barney, to learn Mr. Barney’s Baseball Reference page had no sponsor.

How is that possible??? Blog is now sponsor!! But page might take day or two to update, sez baseball bible Web site’s auto email. Blog remembers many summer days as kid listening to Rex Barnschtein giving that fan a contract. RIP.

sneaking suspiciOn

Posted in washingtOn on January 5th, 2010 by The Wayward O

Local New York City home for unsourced journalism finally has REDEEMED SELF.

Girl, u know its Tru

Proving once again that those who DO NOT READ BLOGS proceed at own peril.

This is MORE INSIDE than Dinner at the Danny’s With SHANAHAN & SON!

swing vOte

Posted in washingtOn on September 22nd, 2009 by The Wayward O

Redskins fans are you ready for BOMBSHELL 5-4 Supreme Court Ruling?

Hopefully legions Burgundy & Gold faithfuls have steeled selves to WHAT IS COMING…

Wayward O is at peace with it. In fact over weekend he decamped to WOODED RETREAT and focus grouped new names for Football Team! Here is fairly serious attempt at possible list:

The Washington Algonquins
The Washington Appalachians
The Washington Braves
The Washington Brigadiers
The Washington Burgundies
The Washington Chesapeakes
The Washington Colonels
The Washington Defenders
The Washington Freedom
The Washington Gavels
The Washington Justice
The Washington Landslides
The Washington Magistrates
The Washington Nationals
The Washington Potomacs
The Washington Potomahawks
The Washington Red Hawks
The Washington Red Storm
The Washington Red Stripes
The Washington Uprights

Like any of these? What will Football Team’s new name be? Please tell Wayward O in comments. Bonus: If new name starts with R then Football Team can keep R logo. Maybe even keep feathers…