what team hath wrOught

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If Team wins World Series, Blog will re-dedicate itself to actual wayward orioles as opposed to figuratively Wayward Orioles.

Image via MASN

The bunting is up. Captain Nicky will actually be playing in the post-season (C.C. Sabathia broke his wrist in 2012) and this vintage has pitching and a lot of heart.

They say the O’s haven’t clinched at home since 1969. So this really is a special night.

Congrats to the Washington Nationals, too.

pOwer clean

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How many little f*ckin’ fleas (not) clogging up the base-paths does it take to hoist a mighty giant?

Image via MASN

Clearly one is not enough. It was a valiant effort by Nate at the power clean but he didn’t really get Chris above his head. Should have practiced using Wayne Kirby as a stand-in first.

hip-hOp line dancing

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False necromancers who seek answers in bunk stats…

Are no match for sum-total of serendipity derived at unspeakable nexus of talent, luck and determination.

marginal territOry

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If there’s such a thing as pedestrian, 17-inning game this was it.

Sigh of relief via NESN

But even when you get into marginal territory, wins and losses still count. And when Bobby V. had to rely on Darnell McDonald and his batting practice fodder, Buck still had Chris Davis in his pocket.

Red Sox fans will have to settle for their nasty chants. Meanwhile Team will settle for 5-1 tour through heart of Bronx and Fenway.

Couple random observations:

– Mark Reynolds, OBP machine
– Six hours of listening to Peter Gammons grunting on NESN was more than plenty, thank you
– Was there anyone watching who didn’t think Adam Jones was going yard there?
– Bobby makes pitching changes in bizarre, mid-count spots. Also Dustin Pedroia’s contempt for his manager is plain as day. U mad Peedy?

bleacher abOmination

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Seriously, what genius built this?

Gia took this picture

Is this some kind of “Eff You” to Yankees’ most loyal fans? Why would they do bleachers like this? You cannot see left field!

Would imagine outrage on this issue has been well-aired, but since it was Blog of Team’s first time in these hideous seats, full realization of this embarrassment finally has hit home.

Yankee organization apparently thinks fans come to – what? – look at a concrete wall with a Mohegan Sun ad on it? Fools. Penny wise, pound foolish. How can Yankees even consider selling these tickets? Sure it was $5 seat night but even a finn for these seats is steep.

Blog had really no expectation of Team picking up W tonight. Not that wins matter, but they’re nice. So a very special hat tip to Mr. Brian Matusz!

Heart of Lion!

thOse damned steps

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When did they start calling him Howard Kendrick? Whatever, everybody knows Howie is a cop. Switch to bourgeois given name isn’t fooling anybody. Why his beat includes basepaths and infield in Orange County, Calif. is anybody’s guess. Maybe he works for Sgt. Stedenko.

Anyway Det. Kendrick’s master plan to foil Team’s winning road trip came unraveled Sunday afternoon as Nick Markakis’ ferociously struck grounder ticked off constabular mitt into shallow center field and Jim Johnson’s sinker left Howard and his moustache at home plate for final out.

Moustaches like that are dead giveaway.

Fans of Team learned a lot about 2012 vintage on this newly ended road trip through three cities where dreams of winning win percentage often go to die.

First and foremost, fans of Team did not see any listless losing streaks. Terminating losing streaks before they blossom is hallmark of well-coached, motivated squads.

We also saw Team dodge veritable Rogue’s Gallery of Oriole Killers including, but not limited to, Jose Bautista, Alex Rios, Paul Konerko and Vernon Wells — not to mention presumptive Oriole-killer Albert Pujols.

And we see where Adam Jones is trying to add rampant base-thieving to his list of tricks. Per Joe and Fred, he’s getting lessons from Brian Roberts on how to steal third base. Jonesie needs another lesson or two because he made second out at third base in second inning Sunday.

(Of course Mark Reynolds was up so who could blame him. Reynolds certainly wasn’t picking him up. Reynolds couldn’t pick up a ______ in a _________* these days.)

Very importantly we learned — not for first time — that Jonesie will blow bubble at any given moment. Here he is, base-thiefage in progress, firing air pocket into wad of Double Bubble:

Image via FS West

It’s important to blow bubbles and to appear nonchalant when you’re on thieving mission with Officer Kendrick on patrol just steps away.

We also saw continuation of Capt. Nicky’s “more vocal” attitude about balls and strikes and assume it translates to clubhouse.

Maybe it does not but he’s looking mighty put-upon these days when Umpires, presumably anxious to get to Early Bird specials on Sunday afternoons across this fine land of ours, try to run him on pitches that ARE NOT STRIKES.

Weltschmertz via MASN

Getting back to Reynolds for moment. He is turning into one of about four total singularities on roster from which no unfavorable outcome can escape. Blog won’t trouble you to name list of said Time-Space Continuums since it’s not exactly revelatory.

Maybe a couple of them including Reynolds come around to contribute but in a way it’s a good thing because this Team has PLENTY OF ROOM to make changes with NO DOWNSIDE AT ALL should it need to.

Blog also couldn’t help but notice that Buck is taking dugout steps backwards these days. Those knees must be really screwed up. This also could explain why starting pitchers are staying deeper into games. Nobody wants to be THE GUY who makes Buck climb those damned steps!

* too early to think of something clever