stay fOcused

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Here’s alleged ball two called on Tommy Hunter pitch prior to Edwin Encarnacion’s home run with one out in bottom of 6th inning during 4-4 game last night at Rogers Centre.

Image via Great White North Sprotznet or something

Blog thinks it’s pretty clear that call is utter horseshit. says it was cut fastball but Blog says regular fastball. It split home plate and came in right under Encarnacion’s chest logo.

Love how Hunter didn’t even react, as if he figured it would happen.

So congratulations to Team for overcoming umpire’s obvious refusal to punch out Jays’ hitter in key spot. Clearly Team will have to overcome umpiring as well as other teams this year. So fine, there it is. Might also add that pitch prior to one shown above was similar squeeze. But hey, Encarnacion is not out till ump says so or something.

Nice job by Matt Wieters, Nolan Reimold and STARTING THIRD BASEMAN Wilson Betemit staying focused and getting good at-bats until final out.

Poor job by Adam Jones, again, unable to make contact with runner on third base in eighth inning. Yes, Jonesie went yard earlier in game. Then he struck out on a ball that was 13 inches inside. It was reminiscent of his horrible at-bat that cost Team second game of series versus Yankees.

Mark Reynolds looks lost at sea. Nice job by Buck not to throw him under bus. Just make move, skip drama and try and get Wrapper found again.

There’s enough pitching talent here to compete as long as they stay focused and shake off bogus umpiring like they did last night.

Bonus, gratuitous observation that is nothing new:  How horseshit is Blue Jays’ home field? Answer: Very. Like 89 percent.

ready fOr spring?

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Blog is.

Image via MASN

So are Red Sox!

Wonder if this tiny small little taste will help Team in future?

Thursday morning pudate: Buck addressed above question during post game last night, saying “The proof’s in the pudding. It’s gotta be relentless. It probably starts tomorrow morning. (…) Let’s see it. That’s what I’d be saying if I were the fans.”

heck Of a catch!

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Image via MASN

Lots of nuggets tonight! Only a couple squirrels.

win cOlumn

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Thank you Jeremy Guthrie for amazing Opening Day start! Thank you J.J. Hardy for playing “D” and getting good ABs. Thank you Team for not blowing lead a la 2010 vintage. Such a big win after so many months of waiting! Blog has little else to say but is very relieved.

Blog has a little more to say: Injury to Brian Matusz is disconcerting. But it appears it may force Team’s hand on bringing up Zach Britton. Chris Tillman, best of luck in your emergency start tomorrow.

matusz’ tattOOsz

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Wayward O isn’t sure when this happened …

Oh, u were out in Canton 2?

But it’s all “Baseball” needs to know about realignment.




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terry crowley is redeemed. not just as result of last night’s homerfest, but because he apparently


on monday as well.

also there was so much melmOsity in tuesday night/wednesday morning’s game!! especially when our melmodramatic third baseman ROLLED OVER HOME PLATE IN 11th with TYING RUN!! Look at the pain! And the suffering:


and how many times must aubrey huff come up huge? he has carried team on back the last couple of … well really since season began.

and how many times will you see a 4-2-5 double play? alex rodriguez said after game the brian roberts was “lucky” to snag his hot shot to second base. maybe, but he made the play. you know who didn’t make a play? derek jeter. he was asleep between second and third and didn’t get over in time.

as gary thorne said after alex cintron’s winning hit, “an amazing night.”

also we have a special diaspOra post to add to day’s amazing news!

from the Daily News

name: fabOlous
location: miami
gear choice: looks like an orange ornithologically correct team cap
status: possible Os fan, though searches show he wears many hats
quote: unavailable
wayward o says: you know bird is ascendant when hipster rappers are getting on board!